Arturia MiniLab 3 Hybrid MIDI Keyboard Controller

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Arturia Minilab 3 Midi Controller, Pig Hog 5-Pin MIDI Cable with lifetime cable warranty & Liquid Audio Polishing cloth to keep your gear new and beautiful. Music producers and musicians looking for a compact MIDI keyboard and pad controller that makes music right out of the box will love the new Arturia MiniLab 3, a portable USB-MIDI controller that ships with a comprehensive audio-production software suite. Hands-on, easy to use From the great-feeling keyboard, to the pads & faders directly integrated with Analog Lab & your DAW, to the real-time mini display, every aspect of MiniLab 3 is designed to be intuitive, expressive, and a joy to use – for beginners and pros alike. Unleash your sound and enjoy making music with a plug-and-play MIDI keyboard that does it all: control your DAW, enjoy pro-quality keys, punch in synth melodies & drum loops, explore hundreds of included sounds & samples, and connect to MIDI gear – all at once. MiniLab 3 is the controller that adapts to your needs, your style, and your workflow, so you can make music just the way you like it.




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