Black Magic Analogue To Sdi Mini Converter

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  • Converts SDI video to HDMI to Ultra HD
  • Read SDI audio and output via HDMI, AES / EBU, or symmetrical analog audio
  • Downconversion for monitoring of Ultra HD video on HD HDMI monitors
  • 3D LUTs and instant lock function on the HDMI output
  • Multi-rate support with automatic detection of SD, HD, and 6G-SDI
  • Reclocking
  • Digital audio inputs: 4 channels AES / EBU
  • Analog audio outputs: 2 channels symmetrical via 6.3 mm jack
  • HDMI video outputs: HDMI Type A
  • SDI video outputs: SDI video output with loop-through
  • SDI video inputs: SD, HD, or 6G-SDI input and ALT-SDI input for redundant input (switches automatically if the regular input fails)
  • Updates and configuration via USB
  • Includes 12 V universal power supply with plug adapters suitable for all countries

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