Genelec F One 6.5″ 40W Active Subwoofer

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Genelec F One 6.5″ 40W Active Subwoofer is a compact subwoofer that is designed to complement up to 5 Genelec One active loudspeakers or a pair of Genelec G Two or G Three speakers. This subwoofer features a 6.5″ down-firing driver and is magnetically shielded for safe placement near monitors. The driver is powered by a 40W amplifier. Integrated bass management options allow you to customize output based on the subwoofer’s location in your listening environment. The included remote control allows you to adjust the subwoofer’s power and volume without being physically near the speaker.

Connecting a Stereo System

The F One offers two methods for connecting stereo signals: use either the left and right stereo RCA inputs, or the the 3.5mm jack

Connecting a Surround System

The F One has an integrated crossover network for the five main channels, which directs the frequencies below 85 Hz to the subwoofer, and higher frequencies through the output connectors to the main speakers (sold separately)

Bass Roll-Off Switches

The roll-off switch allows you to match the acoustic response of the subwoofer to the characteristics of your listening environment

Automatic Protection

The F One has a built-in protection function that automatically reduces the playback volume to a safe level if the subwoofer is overloaded, overriding the volume commands transmitting via the remote control

Additional Features

  • Compact design at 9.9″ high and 12″ in diameter for easy placement
  • Phase control setting for speaker matching
  • 5.1-channel RCA inputs and 5-channel outputs for integrating into multi-channel systems.




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