Sabinetek SmartMike+ Bluetooth Microphone

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  • wireless transmission: It can realize wireless transmission between mobile phones and computers, with strong compatibility. Wireless transmission and reception, high performance, can be used with mobile phone and computer.
  • wireless connection: Bluetooth wireless connection, mobile phone, computer, with a bluetooth function to receive games without the need for bluetooth connection. Wireless connection, can be used with mobile phones, computers and other digital products.
  • conference microphone: The microphone adopts high quality plastic material, which is durable and can be used for a long time. Builtin microphone, smooth video, clear voice, can be used as an indoor handheld outdoor activities.
  • condenser microphone: The condenser microphone adopts high quality  design and has a long service life.
  • handheld microphone: Handheld microphone can be directly attached to your collar or shoulder for easy carrying and convenient using. Handheld microphone with a simple and convenient operation, suitable for all kinds of mobile phones.
  •  Built in high quality microphone with omnidirectional sound pickup and high sensitivity.




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